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David Mann

Keynotes • Breakouts
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"David's energy was infectious     
  and his methods highly efffective."

    - Thomas Linguanti   Morgan, Lewis, & Bockius LLP


"Your keynote and workshop were the highest rated sessions for the entire summit! The insights you shared around storytelling will spread throughout the organization. You have an energizing and compelling presentation style that really resonated."

Glen Tellock, President/CEO

The Manitowoc Company

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Legal Conferences

"Persuasive Leadership Messaging"

Developing messages that inspire action

David illustrates how legal leadership can motivate action with the same techniques that persuade judges and jurors. Just as successful attorneys organize their arguments with clear language and vivid detail, legal leaders can use those skills to articulate hidden growth possibilities while maintaining a clear, positive vision of success. 


 Lawyers in leadership positions within the firm or in their communities will learn how to communicate complex information in narrative format that resonates on an emotional as well as an intellectual level. After experiencing this keynote, leaders will have tangible skills that they can use immediately. 

Key points:

  • Motivating action in peers and associates

  • Key communication styles and drivers 

  • Articulating the firm's central message

  • Organizing effective CLE seminars

  • Embodying leadership presence

"Persuasive Courtroom Storytelling"

Making case stories come alive

David shows lawyers how to build on the facts to add a dynamic narrative arc that grabs attention early and keeps earning it. Lawyers will learn practical techniques for constructing a case narrative that resonates on a human level, and motivates action with judges and jurors alike. 


 A blend of story construction technique and presentation skills, David illustrates how to win by using simple language while commanding the space, using vocal cadence and creating an immediate connection with fact finders. This keynote is a one-hour distillation of David's legal seminars, delivered with the energy of a lifetime performer. 

Key points:

  • Creating an engaging case story flow

  • Using simple language

  • Persuading with the voice and body

  • Developing repeatable practice habits

  • Making evidentiary details memorable

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Business Conferences

"Winning With Words"

Building business with simple messages

You know that word of mouth is ultimately your best marketing tool. But it only works when people know what to say. David illustrates how to transform vague, generic ideas into repeatable brand messages that makes your clients the hero and makes you their valued resource.

David delivers a funny, practical keynote that is rich with immediately applicable skills. He delves into the art of storytelling and shows you how to turn dull information into an engaging narrative that moves clients and teams to action.

Key points:

  • Making a lasting impression 

  • Making the customer the hero

  • Creating marketing stories

  • Earning trust by demonstrating value

  • Staying client-centered in plain language

Get David in front of your next audience.

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