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Business Conference Stage_ Indian Chief Software Engineer, Startup CEO Presents New Produc

Energize Your Audience


In show business, boring doesn't sell tickets.
When you truly connect with your audience, anything is possible.

Every leader and organization believes the world would be their oyster if their great ideas could be heard. But presentations fall flat and the team works double time for half the results. They struggle with confusing information or generic messaging and they don't stand out.

David clears all that up. 

For 15 years, he has been lighting up rooms with the keys to making an impact. He will show you how to command attention when it matters most.

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Here's how David helps you motivate your audience:


IDEAS icon.png

Identify how your audience thinks, so your messages are solutions


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Simplify your best ideas to  the exact language that will create lasting impact

Give your unique identity and message a dominant presence

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"David is fantastic for helping CEOs and leadership teams clearly communicate the value they bring to their ideal customer. David skillfully brings people out of their comfort zone to learn and apply new techniques and strategies with a firm and gracious manner.”

Keith Cupp
Gravitas Impact Premium Coaches
Vancouver, WA


"David gave our team techniques that we put into effect within hours and have been doing winning presentations ever since. He has an approachable, tough-love method, and he brings humor, laser focus, and a keen understanding of human behavior. You can't afford not to bring in David Mann."

Susan Karlin
Suka Creative, Inc.
New York, NY


“Even though David was not a subject matter expert in my topic, he was extremely insightful in guiding me to communicate in a way that made my audience feel what I had to say was really about them. As a result of this, my speech ended with a standing ovation and an invite to present again at a future date.”

Eric Eickhof
Fulton Realty
Minneapolis, MN


Talk to David about the messages you want to simplify and the presentations you want to create impact.

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