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You know a strong story will give you the advantage.
But which angle on the story? And how do you put it in to clear language?

"With David's direction, we reworked the opening to use a more persuasive story format and simplified the argument. My co-counsel thought this was the best opening I have given in our 16 tobacco trials. The jury returned a $19.4M verdict."

 - Bob Shields

Doffermyre, Shields, Canfield & Knowles

Logic alone won't do it. 

In order to win at trial, mediation, or oral argument,  your story needs to make sense on an intuitive level.


We'll build more persuasive openings, closings, and oral arguments that are clear and simple while maintaining their factual foundation. 

Save time preparing

Create usable written drafts

Translate legal jargon 

Activate rhetorical impact

Organize an engaging narrative

Practice using the space well

Activate voice and body

Improve practice habits 

"David and I collaborated on a motion for a stay of resolution. With David's guidance we worked through several revisions until we had a simple, intuitive shape to our story that got a favorable ruling, consequently keeping several people employed for two years and allowing the client to reopen its business and limit its damages."

- Tracy Lacock

General Counsel, Wyoming Downs


We can do all three of these  development stages, or we can narrow the focus to certain parts.  We’re on your timeline; all our work is customized to your needs. 


We’ll figure out the most persuasive angle and strategize our direction

  • Before getting mired in granular detail, we’ll assess what we want the fact finder(s) to believe about our case story when they make their final decision. 

  • We’ll map out the narrative possibilities, examine bad facts, and create a template from which the rest of the process emerges.

  • For trials, a strategy will be developed for how much of the story will be told in opening and how much will be carried by the witnesses.

  • For oral arguments, we’ll look at the narrative we need relative to key facts and find the most persuasive balance.



We’ll put the pieces together and create the material you need for presentation

  • Once we’ve got a clear direction, we’ll add the detail and make sure it’s framed as a narrative that’s easy to engage with and remember. 

  • Any technical or legal concepts will be translated into language anyone can understand and relate to.

  • Scripts will be written, revised, and streamlined for effective oral presentation in oral arguments, opening statements, and/or closing arguments. 

  • Questions for examinations will be clarified and tested for impact



We’ll get you ready to present your case story with persuasive confidence

  • We’ll get you ready for trial or important hearings through rehearsal in the style of a performer.

  • You’ll develop your ability to use vocal inflection and body language to “tell the story between the words” for increased persuasive power.

  • Your notes will be revised and streamlined so you can focus on making an impact.

  • Witness examinations will be rehearsed (without the witness) for maximum efficiency. 

Talk to David about sharpening your verbal game. 

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