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Sharp oral advocacy skills give you the winning edge.
Why practice only when the stakes are monumentally high for your client?

"Mann was great! He understands what a trial lawyer does and brings a helpful perspective."
Large firm attorney, 26 years in practice


David's lectures and workshops build skills in these areas.

Content can be customized to any practice area or experience level.

  • Translating complex legal references into plain language

  • Finding the most persuasive, human angle on the case story

  • Activating the case story with relatable characters 

  • Organizing the flow of spoken material to feel like a narrative

  • Capturing an authentic style in words

  • Increasing listener retention with simple rhetorical technique

Persuasive Storytelling
  • Using vocal inflection effectively to add nuance and meaning to the words

  • Gaining trust with a relaxed yet professional manner

  • Projecting confidence and power in the space

  • Creating written documents that sound right when delivered orally

  • Handling pressure and nerves

  • Using the camera in a virtual platform to your advantage

Persuasive Presenting


  • 45- to 90-minute lecture

  • 3-hour half-day lecture

  • 6-hour full-day lecture


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  • Half-day (1-3 per day)

  • Full-day, single group

  • Multi-day, multiple groups

  • Private sessions


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All workshops preceded by 90-minute lecture.

"David was an engaging speaker with great ideas. Best CLE ever!"

Small firm attorney, 20 years in practice

SINCE 2011

David has been:

NITA program director and faculty member

Adjunct faculty at Loyola School of Law - Chicago 

Seminar/keynote speaker for 14 state bar associations

Lecturer, trainer, or case consultant:

(representative list)

Morgan Lewis
United States SEC
California Dept. of Transportation
Fellerman & Ciarimboli

Pomerantz Law
Warner Norcross
Hirst Applegate
Messerli & Kramer
Baker & McKenzie
Shook, Hardy, & Bacon
Marines Special Forces
TSR Injury Law
Just Criminal Law
Law Society of Northern Ireland
Bar Society of Manitoba
The Hillman Advocacy Program

Talk to David about sharpening your verbal game. 

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