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David Mann Speaking Samples

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Demo: Persuasive Courtroom Storytelling

David shares the secrets of how to create persuasive impact by using classic storytelling techniques.

Key points in full keynote:

  • Identifying the most persuasive narrative

  • Using simple, visual language

  • Making evidentiary details memorable

  • Creating a relatable human connection

  • Engaging fact finders early and often

View David's full-length storytelling keynote HERE

Demo: Persuasive Leadership Messaging

David applies his persuasive courtroom communication principles to the leadership demands of lawyers.

Key points in full keynote:

  • Classic communication styles and mindsets

  • Unifying associates toward a shared goal

  • Clarifying core marketing messaging

  • Creating dynamic CLE seminars

  • Embodying leadership presence

View David's full-length leadership keynote HERE

Breakout: Practical Presenting Techniques

This presentation precedes David's breakout sessions, introducing practical techniques for constructing and delivering case stories.

(Video of prerecorded virtual version of the presentation.)

Key points:

  • Organizing the narrative flow

  • Using vocal inflection effectively

  • Projecting confidence and power on your feet

  • Using plain language in place of "legalese"

  • Creating written documents for oral delivery

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