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A powerful live presence is what everyone else is missing. 
David shows you how to own the room - whether it's live or virtual.

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One-on-one access to David’s 35 years’ experience as a performer and speaker.


Create an amazing thought leader presentation or take your current keynote up several notches.


  • A killer presentation that shows off your expertise

  • Your knowledge in modules that can be used for interviews and short talks

  • For new speakers: Core performance skills used by professional speakers

  • For pro speakers: theatrical techniques used by professional performers

  • A true and honest connection with your audience, every time


•  Private Sessions

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Workshop seminars that take presenting teams from dull to dynamic.


Create relatable, narrative presentations or give your team the presenting skills to light up the room and walk away with sales.


  • A sales team revitalized to hit higher targets

  • Refreshed presentations that position you as a valuable solution

  • Increased confidence across the entire team

  • Smoother, shorter, and more engaging presentations

  • The ability to energize the space, live or on screen

  • Authentic, relatable storytelling that keeps the customer at the center


•  Half/Full/Multi-Day Seminars      •  Presentation Only      •  Private Sessions

Talk to David about the impact you want to make.

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