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Share Your Best Stories


People don't go to shows to watch the scenery.
We love colorful stories of human experience.

We love stories because they make us feel connected. But when we honor our teams or market our services, we tend to do it with lists of information and accomplishments. Wouldn't honest, real-world stories be better?

David can make that happen.

David will get the real story from your customers or create a heartfelt celebration of your treasured colleagues. With 30 years in theater, David knows how to find the heart of the story, give it power, and let it be heard.


Here's how David makes your best stories come to life:


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Create pathways to the emotional center of the story that reveals the true character


WORDS icon.png

Write scripts and conduct interviews that capture experience with clarity and humility


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Produce videos and performances that share the story with living impact 

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“We had reviews from our clients that were impersonal and didn't show how valuable our company is to them. But David got our clients to tell the stories of how the future of their businesses had been fundamentally improved by working with us. He's a master storyteller himself because he understands how people think."

Ryan Tansom

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"Mann's crackling wordplay is a feat of language anyone could admire."

Diablo Cody,

Academy Award-winning screenwriter

"Mann's storytelling and character development stole the show."

Lincoln Journal Star


"David Mann is a consummate storyteller and a fearless performer."

Star Tribune


"The most impressive show was David Mann's hilarious monologue..."

New York Theatre Wire


"David created an incredible tribute for our retiring CEO. He researched Larry's life and listened to our stories about him, which he used to create his script. Larry was amazed at how perfectly David captured the highlights of his life and made it funny and sincere at the same time. Absolutely amazing.”

Mitch Cook
President & COO
Central Bank


Talk to David about uncovering the hidden story gems with your clients, colleagues or yourself. 

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