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Sharpen Your Verbal Game


King Lear isn't a list of facts.
Your case is only persuasive if you make the story come alive.  

Your client is depending on you to fight for them and walk away with a victory. You know your facts, but do you know how to organize them into a narrative? You’re standing up and speaking, but are you using your voice and body persuasively?

David can show you how.

He has worked with hundreds of lawyers for over a decade, taking them from nervous to confident to commanding - all while staying grounded in a persuasive narrative in plain language. 

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Are you sharpening skills or preparing for trial?

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Find the relatable core of the case story, wrapped in a compelling theme on a human level


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Script a smart balance of emotional resonance with factual evidence, expressed in plain language


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Produce authentic, persuasive oral advocacy, delivered with confident vitality

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“David’s overall approach and learning techniques were superb, and he gave each member of our group of 50 practitioners new insights and skills that made them all better speakers and advocates.

David’s energy was infectious and his methods highly effective.”

Thomas Linguanti
Morgan Lewis Bockius LLP


“David Mann is a powerful, dynamic and genuine teacher of persuasive communication advocacy. He infuses students with the heightened sense of self-confidence and competence required to zealously represent their clients.”

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"Working with David on story development is an invaluable part of our case workup and gives us a tremendous edge over the other side. By the time trial depositions start we have such a good working story for the case that they are at a distinct disadvantage."

Zelda Harris
Director, Center for Advocacy
Loyola School of Law, Chicago

Edward Ciarimboli
Fellerman & Ciarimboli PC


In 2016, David served as story and presentation specialist to Lead Counsel on the case In re Petrobras Securities Litigation, the  fifth-largest securities class action settlement ever achieved in the United States: 


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Talk to David about your case or about how your associates can become persuasive storytelling advocates.

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