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Custom packages also available



For aspiring speakers who want to create amazing content and learn from a pro

  • Define your target audience

  • Identify your best material

  • Organize your best material into a usable framework

  • Learn the essentials of giving a polished live presentation

  • Rehearse for flow

- 2 half-day sessions

- Written outlines



For speakers who want to make an impact on their target audience,

and who want to take their skills to a performance level

  • Everything in The Footlight package plus...

  • Develop your signature stories

  • Shape your talk into a performance

  • Incorporate PowerPoint and other visuals

  • Learn how to internalize (vs. memorize)

  • Create repeatable modules so your talk can fit into many timeframes

- 5 half-day sessions

- Written outlines or script

- Mockups of slide ideas



For thought leaders who are ready to be recognized as experts in their field,

and who want to refine their keynote at a professional level

  • Everything in The Spotlight package plus...

  • Refine your staging for powerful emotional impact

  • Streamline your performance 

  • Perfect the art of owning the space

  • Deepen your best stories to illustrate your best points

  • Elevate your expertise with laser-focused, relevant  content

- 7 half-day sessions

- Written outlines or script

- Mockups of slide ideas

- Professional video 

Talk to David about the impact you want to make.

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